Orange Creamsicle Fat Bombs

I tried very hard to make these fridge-stable, and they are.. if you don’t mind wobbly, jello-like fat bombs.  They hold their shape and taste great, but I will admit they make better frozen treats.  You be the judge 🙂

Orange Creamsicle Fat Bombs


  1. 1 cup whipping cream
  2. 3 tbsp powdered erithrytol
  3. 1 8oz. package of cream cheese
  4. 2 tbsp coconut oil (or butter)
  5. 1 package sugar-free orange Jell-O
  6. 1/2 cup boiling water


  1. Whip whipping cream with erithrytol in stand mixer until fluffy
  2. Cut cream cheese into 4 large pieces and microwave until very soft, but not melted
  3. Change mixer attachment to paddle and slowly blend in the cream cheese
  4. While that’s blending, melt butter in microwave, and slowly add to mixture
  5. Dissolve package of Jell-O with the boiling water for about 5 minutes then slowly add to the mixture
  6. Pour into silicone molds, and freeze for at least 3 hours before unmolding
  7. Pop out of molds
  8. These are sturdy enough to be kept in the fridge, or you can keep in freezer for a frozen treat!
Orange Creamsicle Fat Bombs low carb
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