This site was created to help those new to the Keto lifestyle. My husband and I have been following Low Carb/Keto since 2006… more him than me, but we’ve lost over 150 lbs between us (100+ for him alone!) and through our own trial and error, feel we have a lot of experience to share.  In the past decade, I have re-invented myself as a cook and prepare all of his meals.  I’ve learned to get pretty creative with recipes and meal ideas.  Michael is the mad scientist between us, and has delved deep into the chemistry of it all, has read every book written by every respected keto expert and follows all the health journals and new studies.  Things have evolved significantly in the low-carb world. We’re gaining steam!

I see a lot of new people coming into groups completely overwhelmed with information and not sure how to put it all together. When that happens, it would be easy to say “Nah, this is all too complicated” and try something else. We’re here to pull you back in and say NO, it’s really not that complicated. It doesn’t need to be complicated, and we want to help you get started.

We’ve been conditioned for decades to follow fad and yo-yo diets. The mindset is there, and it’s not even our fault. Just like we’ve been conditioned to believe that eating high carbohydrate foods are good for us and fat is the epitome of evil. People throw around the word ‘lifestyle change’ but very few actually understand what that means. For the majority of the population who is insulin resistant (us!), we simply can’t eat the way we’ve always eaten. Never again. It’s what got us into this situation in the first place, and is the reason why you’re here right now – in search of the diet, or lifestyle that will finally work for you. This isn’t something you do for a couple of months to lose some weight, start feeling good, then go back to eating ‘normally’. This is the new norm. The old norm is unhealthy, and it doesn’t work.  We are simply eating the way our bodies were designed to eat.

The name ‘Fundamental Keto’ reflects our personal philosophy.  You’ll hear a lot of terms to describe what people are doing; #LAZYKETO #IIFYM (if it fits your macros), etc.  You can call us #OLDSCHOOLKETO.  While it’s nice to see keto/low carb gaining more recognition with each passing year, people tend to overcomplicate things.  Other than getting a little more creative in the kitchen, it’s not as difficult as you might think.  This is very much a primal, ancestral way of eating; whole foods and no processed crap.  Easy peasy!

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