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Exogenous Ketones and “Keto” Products

I’m seeing this more and more these days, and I feel it’s important to educate the Keto Community, especially those just starting out on what these companies and products are really about. Multi-Level Marketing Pyramid schemes have been around for a long time.  Remember Amway, Tupperware, Avon?  Yeah yeah… I know, we don’t call them […]


Food Addiction – The Struggle is Real

I want to take a minute to talk about something we all struggle with at some point, to some degree. That is food/sugar addiction – and it’s real folks. Hopefully by understanding why it happens, you will be better equipped to head it off at the pass and cope with it. This is something that […]


LCM Macro Calculator

Calculating macros can often times be confusing. I’ve attempted to recreate my macro calculation logic to help make things easier. Since I’m the developer and creator of this particular calculator, if you do your calculations and they seem out of line or you have questions, please contact me and I’ll be happy to review the […]


What is “Nutritional Ketosis”?

IN A NUTSHELL: Nutritional ketosis is a state of health in which your body is efficiently burning fat as its primary fuel source instead of glucose. When undergoing a ketogenic diet you are essentially converting yourself from a “sugar burner” to a “fat burner”. This is accomplished by reducing your consumption of carbohydrates, increasing your […]


What to Expect When Starting Your Keto Journey

Keto is actually a very simple concept. Through the years people have over complicated it. Keto, by definition, is any diet that places your body into a ketogenic state. A ketogenic state simply means that the primary fuel source for your body switches from carbohydrate/sugar based to ketone/fat based. At its core the only requirement […]


Cheat Days, yes or no?

There’s a lot of discussion about this, and opinions are across the board. In 2005, John Kiefer published a book called Carb Night Solution, which kind of went along with of Carb Backloading, something that is popular in the weightlifting circuits.  The idea was to manipulate insulin and leptin levels, and take the calories you’re […]



All sweeteners are not created equal.  There are natural sweeteners, sugar alcohols (polyols), and synthetic (artificial) sweeteners, and they all have different values on the GI (glycemic index).  There are some you should even avoid.  Some can cause insulin spikes, while others can cause mild to severe digestive upset. While some say that sweeteners do […]


Electrolytes & Supplements

Courtesy of Keto Andie Hydration is vital in this particular way of eating (WOE). I often see posts where people are complaining they are suffering from the “Keto Flu” and the advice tends to always be drink water or drink salt water. Water is not how you stay hydrated and sodium is only one of […]


Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cheesecake

Oh yeah, I just went there, and it’s dirty! I wanted to call this ‘Reese’s Peanut Butter Cake’ because that’s exactly what it tastes like.  In the interest of copyright I should probably leave the name off… but you get the idea. This is a little involved to make, but don’t be put off by […]

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